New Book Sprint with Cisco in California

Yesterday, a new Book Sprint started in San José (California) with a group of Cisco engineers from all over the US and Europe. Within 5 days, the group is bookspinting to write a guide on ‘Standalone’ Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) as the routing protocol, along with Ethernet virtual Private network (EVPN).

Taking into account that we are moving towards the age of cloud, the guide intends to show the benefits of this technology which offers to operators of multi-tenant clouds the possibility to scale their networks and make them more flexible for the demands of cloud networking. The guide is targeting Technical decision-makers (TDM) and Businesses decision-makers (BDM).

Following a debate on the structure and the book scope, participants are now drafting the main sections of the Guide.


Some of the Book Sprint participants

You can check the pics of the Book Sprint here

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