GIZ Book Sprint finished the book “Treasure Hunt”

After a five-day Book Sprint, a group of ten contributors finished the book Treasure Hunt – How Good Financial Governance can support resource-endowed countries in achieving the SDGs.

“Treasure Hunt, a term referring to both the gold digger atmosphere that surrounds the exploration of natural resources and the often Don-Quijotian quest of public officials for revenues.” (from the Foreword)

Book cover designed by Henrik van Leeuwen

Book cover designed by Henrik van Leeuwen

Amidst rain and sunshine (but more rain), with the river Rhine swelling until it flooded the banks behind the GIZ academy’s garden, the participants stayed inside and worked long days (and some long evenings, too). From Monday to Friday they conceptualized, structured, wrote, discussed, re-wrote and edited the book on good financial governance in the extractive sector.

How can development cooperation help resource-endowed countries with transparent revenue management?

Discussing the availability of data for transparency, oversight and accountability on day 1

Photos of the Book Sprint can be seen here on flickr.

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