Whose Knowledge? Book Sprint

Here we are, DAY 2 in San Diego campus booksprinting to produce a collection of resources on different ways to approach how to center marginalized community’s knowledge online.

Whose Knowledge? is behind the initiative. This impressive non-profit association defends and works for (let us use their words) a radical re-imagining and reconstruction of the Internet, so that together we build and defend an Internet of, for and by all.

Participants are from the different communities with whom Whose Knowledge? has been working over the last years: the Dalit communities across India and the United States, LGTB and Queer activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Native American communities from Southern California and Baja, Mexico.

The idea of this intense book sprint exercise is to show how to give visibility to the different voices silenced, ignored or disempowered by the socio-economic system, power structures or institutions. It aims thus to show how to tell the untold, to deconstruct history to relearn it and to include what has been left unfairly out.

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