Book Sprint Testimonials from our clients

The following are Book Sprint testimonials from participants and clients.

Cisco ACI

Book Sprints get more brilliant work out of bright people in 1 week than most projects can evoke across many months.

Loy Evens


Quality Infrastructure Investment Partnership Operations Manual

This is my second Book Sprint experience and it has left me even more enthused about the validity of Book sprints as an effective knowledge management approach.

Phil Karp

World Bank

Technology for Open Educational Resources

Writing a book through a Book Sprint turned out to be efficient, thorough and enjoyable; I can’t imagine a better outcome.

Phil Barker



I’ve been fortunate enough to have participated in a handful of Book Sprints and have been surprised at the outcome each time. The results prove this method over and over again.

Anne Gentle


Managing and Monitoring Cisco ACI

I’ve written a book before and I can tell you I will never do it alone again. This was an amazing experience…thanks to the moderators, we would still be on day one if it weren’t for them.

Lauren Malhoit


Operating Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

I really think the methodology is amazing. I would like to do this again, and I think this is something we should do for other documents as well. The methodology and the whole process was perfect.

Carly Stoughton



I knew that at the end of the week we’d have a book. I just didn’t expect it to be the really great book that actually emerged.

Nick Chase


Understanding Power Project Financing

It was a really fun process and we have an end product we can be proud of.

Vibhuti Jain


On Turtles and Dragons

If there is a project where the problem needs discussion and that discussion should be documented, then it seems that a Book Sprint is the solution. We plan to do another one.

Tim Boykett


Open Translation Tools & Google Summer of Docs

If Book Sprints did not exist, we would be forced to invent them, so powerful is the knowledge production paradigm

Allen Gunn


New Aesthetics, New Anxieties

I would thoroughly encourage others, particularly writers and academics, to engage with the Book Sprint process.

This is a model to complement existing work in academia, allowing us to create, write and intervene in debates quickly, whilst not compromising academic standards and the ability to present and explore new ideas.

Dr. David Berry

Swansea University, UK

Understanding Power Project Financing

It was a journey. We came from the unknown to the known. It was a very fulfilling process.

Lucy Chege

Development Bank of South Africa

Two short films about Book Sprints we facititated