What is a Book Sprint?

A Book Sprint brings together a group of experts to produce a finished book in 3 to 5 days. No advance preparation by participants is required—the group is guided by a skilled facilitator, from zero to published book. (This includes written content, illustration, and design.) The content of the finished book is high quality and is often made available immediately at the end of the sprint in all major digital formats and print-on-demand.

We have worked with many clients to produce a wide variety of content, including corporate documentation, government policy, oil industry training materials, textbooks, handbooks, white papers, academic articles, and even fiction! Clients include Cisco, Dell, F5, Google, USAID, UNECA, The World Bank, IDEA, GIZ, Open Oil, Transparency International, Columbia Vale Center, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Nigeria, OpenStack, Free Software Foundation, Mozilla, PLOS, JISC CETIS, BCcampus, Times Up, and many others.

Mata Pequena, Portugal

Tokyo, Japan

Straford-upon-Avon, UK

Arusha, Nigeria

Marrakech, Morocco

Christchurch, New Zealand

Pourrières, France

Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Bogota, Columbia

Washington, USA

Kayanza, Burundi

Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Harehare, Zimbabwe

Berlin, Germany

Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Silicon Valley, USA

New York, USA

Linz, Austria

Edinburgh, Scotland

Austin, USA.

Vancouver, Canada

Cairo, Egypt

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Google, USA

The Process

The facilitator governs the process, manages the group dynamics, mediates disagreement, and imposes the unalterable deadline for the finished book. Although the facilitator is a member of the group, the facilitator never takes part in actual writing, nor does he or she weigh in with opinions about the content. Instead, the facilitator enables an environment in which the group can collaborate creatively and purposefully. The aim is to make sure that all participants collaborate in sharing their ideas and shaping the development of the book. Using a light-touch approach and taking care to accommodate different personalities and styles, the facilitator leads the group through different stages of the book’s development, from conception, to production, through to completion.


Groups typically have 5 to 15 participants, chosen by the hosting organization. Once the topic has been defined, the hosting organization discusses strategies with the Book Sprints team for selecting participants, as well as other logistics, and how to set group expectations. Preparations are then made for confirming a venue, setting dates, arranging travel and accommodations, etc.

Book Sprints Ltd

We are a team of facilitators, book-production professionals, and illustrators specialized in Book Sprint facilitation and rapid book production. Our organization developed the original methodology and has refined it since 2008 through the facilitation of more than 100 Book Sprints.

If you would like us to facilitate your Book Sprint, please email Barbara Rühling at barbararuehling@booksprints.net