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Book Sprints
From Zero to Book in 5 Days
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Do you want to write a book, manual, or white paper? Need to do it fast? Have others who can write it with you?

A Book Sprint is a collaborative process that captures the knowledge of a group of experts in a single book.

In 3-5 days our professional team works with your chosen group of experts to create a high-quality publication ready for print and digital distribution

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What others are saying

It was a really fun process and we have an end product we can be proud of.

Vibhuti Jain
Power Africa

This is my second Book Sprint experience and it has left me even more enthused about the validity of Book Sprints as an effective knowledge management approach.

Phil Karp
The World Bank

To start with a blank sheet at the beginning of the week and end up with a fully formed, comprehensive book at the end of the week was great.

Dozie Okpalabiari
Nigerian Ministry of Finance

I’ve been fortunate enough to have participated in a handful of Book Sprints and have been surprised at the outcome each time. The results prove this method over and over again.

Anne Gentle

Book Sprints get more brilliant work out of bright people in a week than most projects can evoke across many months.

Loy Evens

This is a model to complement existing work in academia, allowing us to create, write and intervene in debates quickly, whilst not compromising academic standards and the ability to present and explore new ideas.

Dr. David Berry
Sussex University

I’ve written a book before and I can tell you I will never do it alone again. This was an amazing experience… thanks to the moderators, we would still be on day one if it weren’t for them.

Lauren Malhoit

It was a journey. We came from the unknown to the known. It was a very fulfilling process.

Lucy Chege
Development Bank of South Africa
Selected Book Sprints locations
Harare, Zimbabwe
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Tokyo, Japan
Tel Aviv, Israel
Accra, Ghana
Cairo, Egypt
Marrakesh, Morocco
Berlin, Germany : Book Sprints Ltd Berlin Office
London, UK
Nice, France
Stockholm, Sweden
Villa de Leyva, Colombia
Vancouver, Canada
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Austin, Texas, USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
San Francisco, California, USA
Silicon Valley, California, USA
Auckland, New Zealand : Book Sprints Ltd HQ
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