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  • A Book Sprint for the GLAM sector

    Do you know what GLAM means? GLAM is an acronym for “galleries, libraries, archives and museums,” overall cultural institutions that promote access to knowledge. Last month we facilitated our first Book Sprint in Qatar, as well as our first in the ... read more

  • Sovereign Debt in Africa

      We are pleased to announce ‘Sovereign Debt in Africa’, produced in a Book Sprint in February 2019 organised by the African Legal Support Facility (ASLF). The book is intended to empower public debt managers and anyone involved in public ... read more

  • Announcing the launch of Sprint Lab

    After over ten years and one hundred and fifty successful Sprints, we are pleased to announce the successful launch of SprintLab earlier in 2019. With more than five Sprint Lab events completed, we are happy to share this outgrowth as ... read more

  • Book Sprints at the Podium

    Members of our leadership team are in the spotlight speaking at key meetings this fall conference season. Barbara participated in a panel discussion focusing on What Publishers and Start Ups Can Do To Help Scientists, which took place at Frankfurt ... read more

  • The Second ACI Troubleshooting Guide

    5 years after the Book Sprint for the first ACI troubleshooting guide, we joined a group of Cisco engineers to produce a fresh version. Without looking at the old book, the engineers came prepared with data of the last six ... read more

  • Let’s talk Environment

    We can no longer ignore that the future of humanity and the planet are at risk. How we go about our work must be in intentional service of the lasting change we seek to make. With a team of 15 ... read more