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  • Precarity Lab

    A pressing and relevant topic, skilful writers and a spectacular setting in the Banff National Park – the Book Sprint to produce the forthcoming book, Techno-Precarious, was definitely one of my favourites from 2019. 10 writers from a range of ... read more

  • Cisco SD-WAN Book Sprint

    We just finished another book due to come out at Cisco Live! along with the updated SD-Access, Catalyst Switches and Wireless books. This one will be on Cisco SD-WAN. Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) is an evolution of the ... read more

  • Closing up a 5 year research project with a sprinted report

    In January 2019 the Dutch development body Hivos’s  programme had a very large report to write for their funders, the UK government’s Department for International Development, and they used a Book Sprint to achieve it. It was the culmination of ... read more

  • Review 2018

    It’s been a really good tenth anniversary year for us and we would like to thank everyone who participated in sharing their memories of #booksprints10. We solidified our small company, diversified our client base, worked on refining our method, and ... read more

  • Book Sprints and Team Dynamics

    Sold: Selling Outcomes Leading Deals is Xentaurs first book. A small technology consulting start-up, started two years ago, Xentaurs have made a name for themselves in big tech, with their unique outcome-based sales approach. What gets sold has really changed. ... read more