Business Sprint
  • SOLD: Selling Outcomes Leading Deals

    Sold: Selling Outcomes Leading Deals is Xentaurs first book. A small technology consulting start-up, started two years ago, Xentaurs have made a name for themselves in big tech, with their unique outcome-based sales approach. What gets sold has really changed. ... read more

  • No valley of despair in Freiburg

    This week’s Book Sprint with ten colleagues of Haufe Group is located in Freiburg in the beautiful Black Forest region of southern Germany. The river Rhine causes the mild climate in this wine-growing region. Not quite the valley of despair – a concept ... read more

  • Die Akademie Book Sprint in a baroque monastery

    Behind the thick walls of a baroque abbey in southern Germany, Die Akademie für Führungskräfte is booksprinting. Here, team members developing the Akademie’s model of leadership and Akademie’s trainers write a book on leadership in the 21st century. The abbey is located ... read more

  • Book Sprinting in German with BWC

    English, French, Spanish, even Kiwi English, Farsi and Urdu have been languages of Book Sprints, and now it’s finally time to write a book in German. This week, we are facilitating a Book Sprint close to Hamburg with Brigitta Wurnig ... read more

  • CETIS Final Day

    We are beginning the last morning of our 2.5 day sprint. All content is done and we are sitting on a word count of 21,000. The next phase is focused on clean up. Phil, Lorna and Amber are going through ... read more