New Hiring

New Hiring Produced with New Work SE, May 2-6, 2022

A group of authors and editors came together for a Book Sprint at the Hamburg office of New Work SE to write a book on New Hiring. New Work SE is the company behind the German career network XING).

The book describes the need for New Hiring:

More and more companies are being left behind in the competition for talent. The labor market continues to gain momentum and raise new issues. Demographics, changing values and digitization are having a full impact. These challenges require new solutions in recruiting. In this book, the authors explain why a rethink is necessary, how to position oneself correctly as a company, and why New Hiring is the strategic answer for a successful future: from practical tips from everyday business to strategic recommendations for necessary changes in recruiting.

After years of writing blog posts, this was the chance to put their knowledge together in one coherent book. The reader finds the current trends, gaps, and needs of the recruiting industry, practical insights and tips.

A yellow cover with a sketch of a hand making a V for Victory sign, and the book title New Hiring: Ein neues Bewusstsein im Recruiting

To write the book we used the newest version of Editoria, the community publishing platform designed by the Coko Foundation.

The authors are publishing their book on tredition, and print for distribution at the New Work Experience fair in June 2022.

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