Academic Sprint
  • Our first ever team meeting

    We recently had the opportunity to bring our whole team together for a few days in Southeastern France. For some of us this was the first time we actually met in person, after having worked together for several years. We stayed ... read more

  • After far more post-production work than we normally do, we are happy to say we have produced a beautifully designed, Oxford-comma-excised book for Curtin University and their fellow contributors. It was great luck that we could fulfill the writers’ wishes to ... read more

  • Reflections on Practice Theory

    Today we delivered the final version of the rather long-titled ‘New Practices for New Publics? Theories of social practice and the voluntary and community sector’ to our clients at the University of Brighton. This one required a bit of extra ... read more

  • Changemaker Education

    In 2016 a group of nine educators from so-called ‘Changemaker Schools’ got together to share best practices from their classrooms. They used the time to figure out what was unique about the educational environments created at their schools, and to ... read more

  • Changemaker Education

    Hidden away in a snow-laden cabin in the hills of Salt Lake City Utah, there 12 highly inspiring and passionate educators from 10 schools around the US who are trying to capture their years of experience developing and providing “Changemaker ... read more