• Book Sprints turns 10

    We can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the first Book Sprint. At the time, Adam Hyde was leading the community and platform for sharing free and open source software documentation, FLOSS Manuals. He was looking for innovative ways to ... read more

  • Why Book Sprints work

    Our recent Book Sprint in Cambridge was unique because the founder of Book Sprints, Adam Hyde brought his organization, the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) together to do a Book Sprint. He also got to participate for the first time in a methodology ... read more

  • On Book Sprints Facilitation

    What makes our particular kind of facilitation at Book Sprints unique? We often get asked how what we do is different to the facilitation of an “unconference stye participatory event” which have become popular in the technology space. Adam Hyde, ... read more

  • 2015 in review

    Another great year has gone by, and again we delivered books to 100% of our clients at the end of each Book Sprint. There are several highlights that stood out this year. We are especially happy about our new and ... read more

  • 2014 – Looking Back

    2014 has been an amazing year. We started with one facilitator and one trainee and have ended with four fully trained facilitators, a full support team, and a list of 21 amazing Book Sprints under our belt. By far there ... read more

  • On Book Sprints PDF The above is for version 1.1 of On Book Sprints. Produced during a 4 day Book Sprint in May 2014.