• Announcing the launch of Sprint Lab

    After over ten years and one hundred and fifty successful Sprints, we are pleased to announce the successful launch of SprintLab earlier in 2019. With more than five Sprint Lab events completed, we are happy to share this outgrowth as ... read more

  • Book Sprints at the Podium

    Members of our leadership team are in the spotlight speaking at key meetings this fall conference season. Barbara participated in a panel discussion focusing on What Publishers and Start Ups Can Do To Help Scientists, which took place at Frankfurt ... read more

  • Book Sprints goes Art

    At Book Sprints we acquired our first piece of art for our office in Berlin, and we could not identify any more than we do with the chosen piece. By South Africa/New Zealand artist Nicky Broekhuysen (, “Unbound” is a ... read more

  • Our first ever team meeting

    We recently had the opportunity to bring our whole team together for a few days in Southeastern France. For some of us this was the first time we actually met in person, after having worked together for several years. We stayed ... read more

  • Free culture activist Bassel Safadi

    Last week we heard the sad news that free culture activist Bassel Safadi, imprisoned in 2013 in Syria and taken from prison in 2015, had been executed. ‘They Can't Stop Us’ — World Mourns Execution of Palestinian-Syrian Activist Bassel Khartabil Safadi ... read more

  • Summer of Book Sprints 2017

      Some of us are using the summer break to get something done, like writing a book, for example. This summer we’ll have an interesting range of Book Sprints coming up in Europe. Book Sprints in July and August We’ll be ... read more