• The story of a book – Film release

    We are very happy to present our short documentary “The story of a book” shot in November 2014 in Abuja, Nigeria. You can watch it here:   The film looks behind the scenes of the writing of “Nameless,” a book ... read more

  • Kicking off 2015

    So, it’s 2015 and Book Sprints are underway. Already it has been eventful. F5 are re-formatting their book for print currently and we are planning the next Book Sprint with them in February. Cisco also has another Book Sprint coming ... read more

  • Open Contracting Translated to Spanish

    The Open Contracting Guide which we facilitated for the World Bank in early 2013 has been translated into Spanish and is now available online. You can see it here: – or browse the embedded book below:  

  • 2 Book Sprints this week!

    We are facilitating two Book Sprints this week. One is in Sweden for IDEA (The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance) about the use of Open Source in elections. This will be facilitated by the talented Faith Bosworth who ... read more

  • Recent Books

    Recent books produced by Book Sprints British Columbia in a Global Context   The main scope of the book is to apply the fundamental geographical approach of understanding our globally changing world by looking at the local processes. These local ... read more

  • Book Sprints on French TV

    The last Book Sprint as part of the Book Sprints for ICT Research project was held recently in Nice, France. We typically discourage interviews or other processes that will take focus away from the Book Sprint energy and focus. However ... read more

  • 2 Presentations on Book Sprints

    The Digital Publishing Toolkit conference “Off the Press” was held in Rotterdam in the last week of May, 2104. Two presentations featured Book Sprints, the first was by Adam Hyde and touched on Book Sprints as a methodology within the ... read more

  • Experimental Repo

    We have just created a repo on github for some experimental work on a framework for collaborative knowledge production. There are two repositories as it happens, one is PubSweet which is a rough and ready simple tool for collaborative production ... read more

  • 2 Presentations

    Today Adam Hyde presented at the Digital Publishing Tool Kit conference at the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The topic was “Books are Evil”. Tomorrow Adam presents at The Next Chapter conference in Stockholm on the topic “Collaborative Knowledge Production”.