• Sovereign Debt in Africa

    To produce that book we had to create consensus within a large group of highly specialized and very opinionated contract lawyers. They could debate terminology for hours. The Sprint process worked really well though and they wrote an excellent book which ended up in the hands of governments officials all over Africa.

  • Announcing the launch of Sprint Lab

    After over ten years and one hundred and fifty successful Sprints, we are pleased to announce the successful launch of SprintLab earlier in 2019. With more than five Sprint Lab events completed, we are happy to share this outgrowth as ... read more

  • Book Sprints at the Podium

    Members of our leadership team are in the spotlight speaking at key meetings this fall conference season. Barbara participated in a panel discussion focusing on What Publishers and Start Ups Can Do To Help Scientists, which took place at Frankfurt ... read more

  • Book Sprints goes Art

    At Book Sprints we acquired our first piece of art for our office in Berlin, and we could not identify any more than we do with the chosen piece. By South Africa/New Zealand artist Nicky Broekhuysen (www.nickybroekhuysen.com), “Unbound” is a ... read more

  • The Cisco Series

    Since 2014, Cisco has produced 12 books with Book Sprints. These include: Cisco DNA Assurance: Unlocking the Power of Data Cisco Enterprise Wireless: Intuitive Wi-Fi Starts Here Cisco IOS XE Programmability: Automating Device Lifecycle Management Cisco Ultra M Troubleshooting Guide ... read more

  • Why Book Sprints work

    Our recent Book Sprint in Cambridge was unique because the founder of Book Sprints, Adam Hyde brought his organization, the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) together to do a Book Sprint. He also got to participate for the first time in a methodology ... read more