• Open Science

    An interesting presentation about Book Sprints by Dr Martin Mehlberg. It is great to see more people learning about the process.  Relevant materials starts 28 minutes into the video.

  • 2013 Doc Camp Announced

    Google Summer of Code Doc Camp – a partnership of GSoC, Aspiration and FLOSS Manuals This is a call for proposals for the 2013 GSoC Doc Camp. Individuals and projects are invited to submit proposals for the GSoC Doc Camp ... read more

  • Ecocities Book Sprint (Cairo)

    The Ecocities Book Sprint in Cairo (Egypt) organised by IceCairo will be held between Feb 2 and 9. This Book Sprint will focus on working with locals to create a resource book documenting places of environmental/ecological interest in the city. It ... read more

  • CETIS Final Day

    We are beginning the last morning of our 2.5 day sprint. All content is done and we are sitting on a word count of 21,000. The next phase is focused on clean up. Phil, Lorna and Amber are going through ... read more

  • CETIS OER Day 2

    Day 2 and we are up early for breakfast and then a quick update on the status of chapters. Some content is still being created for chapters started on Day 1 but we can move on this morning with 2 ... read more

  • Interview with Michel van Dartel

    from http://www.v2.nl/archive/articles/interview-with-michel-van-dartel-on-the-new-aesthetic by Joris van Ballegooijen, June 20, 2012 Michel van Dartel is curator and project manager at V2_, he also researched knowledge representation in robot models of cognition and holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and an MSc in Cognitive ... read more

  • Booksprint! Oder: mal anders veröffentlichen…

    from http://1geheimprojekt.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/booksprint-oder-mal-anders-veroffentlichen/ Sprung ins freie Veröffentlichen Schon angekündigt, und hier ist er nun: ein toller Artikel von Dr. Esther Debus-Gregor. Sie arbeitet als freie Redakteurin und Lektorin mit dem Schwerpunkt Sprachen, Lerninhalte, Wissensmanagement. Daneben berät und unterstützt sie Verlage und Unternehmen ... read more

  • An Open Web Book Sprint

    This book was created in a Book Sprint over 5 days between January 17 and January 21, 2011 in Berlin.It was an enormous achievement by the handful of people brought together to write a Book about the ‘Open Web’. The ... read more