Technical Sprint
  • Cisco SD-WAN Book Sprint

    We just finished another book due to come out at Cisco Live! along with the updated SD-Access, Catalyst Switches and Wireless books. This one will be on Cisco SD-WAN. Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) is an evolution of the ... read more

  • The Cisco Series

    Since 2014, Cisco has produced 12 books with Book Sprints. These include: Cisco DNA Assurance: Unlocking the Power of Data Cisco Enterprise Wireless: Intuitive Wi-Fi Starts Here Cisco IOS XE Programmability: Automating Device Lifecycle Management Cisco Ultra M Troubleshooting Guide ... read more

  • PubSweet book to be printed for the next community meeting

    Last week in three and a half days, the PubSweet community wrote the first guide for using and contributing to the open source toolkit for publishing workflows. Among the participants were developers from the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation and publishers from eLife, Hindawi, and EBI. The book is ... read more

  • PubSweet Documentation Sprint

    PubSweet is an open source toolkit for building publishing workflows that is designed to be modular and flexible to serve the different needs of different workflows. Developed by the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation together with several partner organisations and academic publishers, it has seen a remarkable growth within a ... read more

  • Cisco Enterprise Wireless Book Sprint

    Following the successful Cisco IOS XE Programmability Book Sprint, this week we get started at the San José Cisco Campus with a new one to produce a comprehensive guide on the Cisco Enterprise Wireless technology. Over the last few years, ... read more

  • Cisco IOS XE Programmability Sprint

    We have just started the first of two Sprints for Cisco on Wireless and Programmability at Cisco’s San Jose campus. Both books will be printed and distributed at Cisco Live in June where thousands of experts, customers and partners come ... read more