At Cisco Campus for sprinting Cisco DNA Center – AIOps

Cisco DNA Center - AIOps. An AI-Driven Approach to Digital Transformation Produced with Cisco, April 25-29

After a series of virtual Book Sprints with Cisco over the last two years, we had the pleasure of returning to the Cisco Campus in San Jose, California in April 2022. A dedicated group of only five authors wrote a 300-page book on Cisco’s AI-driven approach to Digital Transformation in just five days. Not only were they highly professional and committed people, it was also a lot of fun to work together. The book will be printed and available at Cisco live taking place in Las Vegas on June 12-16.

An AI-Driven Approach to Digital Transformation

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The book cover

The opening chapters of the book provide a high-level overview of Cisco’s vision for transforming digital networks and the benefits of AIOps within the context of Cisco DNA Center. The bulk of the book takes technical deep dives into Cisco DNA Center’s capabilities for AIOps, with product examples and real-world use cases. The closing chapters provide some additional resources for troubleshooting, deployment, and references to the features as well as terminology discussed in the book.

As we continue to introduce and promote the concept of AIOps, particularly within Cisco DNA Center, we set ourselves on a mission to write this book with the idea that it would serve both highly technical individuals and business decision-makers. We wanted them to be able to gain a solid understanding of what AIOps means in the era of digital transformation, as well as how Cisco DNA Center can help an organization to make that process as seamless, efficient, and valuable as possible. (extract from the book)

The book represents an intense collaboration between authors from Technical Marketing, Engineering, and Product Management at Cisco Headquarters in San Jose, CA. 

Prem Chandran ‒ Technical Marketing
Sean Sivak ‒ Technical Marketing
Harsharan Dhaliwal ‒ Technical Marketing
Suresh Subramanian ‒ Engineering
Federico Lovison ‒ Engineering
Shai Silberman ‒ Product Management

Congrats to the authors, we can’t wait to hold a printed copy in our hands!

Book Sprints participants at Cisco HQ in San Jose

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