What happened to the book? Updates on VMware SD-Wan 1:1

We spent 5 days in Miami Beach with a fabulous crowd of VMware Book Sprinters. With little time for beach walks, we spent long hours indoors to conceptualize, draft and edit VMWare’s “SD-WAN 1:1 – The What, Why and How” book. One year later we asked the organisers Rosa and Gerd, what happened to the book and to the team?

Rosa Lear, Director of Marketing in the VMWare SD-WAN by VeloCloud group, told us that during the Book Sprint their team learned a lot more about each other and gained different perspectives on what each of them do in the field. Since then, Rosa observes new levels of collaboration. The concentrated time in the room made them realize the strengths and weaknesses of each member and now they are in constant exchange over any issues they encounter, and learn from each other.  “Our team of writers was great, and they made a really successful book. The book’s quality was not sacrificed over speed.” 

Gerd Pflüger, lead NSX Systems Engineer at VMWare who initiated the Book Sprint, says: 

The book is really well received. It is high-quality, it looks great, it has a friendly design and is very readable.

The two main characters that guide the reader through the book, Alvina and Rodney, make it very approachable and easy to follow.

Rosa adds that the VMWare SD-WAN book is a great asset and customers find it very useful. It’s being sold on Amazon, and the sales team very frequently gives it out to executives, prospects and clients. During VMworld in San Francisco and in Barcelona in 2019, the authors signed hundreds of copies, and it was rapidly sold out in the book store. There have been several webinars on the book like this one at BrightTalk in March. Rosa said:

It was an absolute pleasure working with Book Sprints to develop our book. From coordinating logistics to facilitating the conversations during development to after-project completion, every step of the way was exceptionally well run and comprehensive.  

Gerd is very happy with the product and the process of the Book Sprint, from Monday to Friday with a natural ending, and a guarantee for success.


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