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In the beginning of March 2020,  just a couple of days before the COVID19 pandemic hit Europe, 9 international experts from 4 countries met to write a book within 5 days: The Manifesto and handbook “Hybrid environments for universities. A shared commitment to campus innovation and sustainability”. 

The book was written in a collaborative process, a Book Sprint, that captures the knowledge and expertise of several writers who share authorship and a collective voice. 

We are inviting to a webinar about this unique way of jointly writing and producing a book: 

Tuesday, September 1 // at 2.00-2.45pm CET

Learn more about the perspectives of the different stakeholders involved: the authors, the facilitators (Book Sprints Ltd), the work space provider (Steelcase), and the publisher (Waxmann). Meet the authors for a virtual book signing and get a copy. And share your comments, open questions and ideas for future projects.  

You can read more about the project in our blog post.

This short film was produced during the Book Sprint and shows the different steps of the process.

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