• 2015 in review

    Another great year has gone by, and again we delivered books to 100% of our clients at the end of each Book Sprint. There are several highlights that stood out this year. We are especially happy about our new and ... read more

  • 2014 – Looking Back

    2014 has been an amazing year. We started with one facilitator and one trainee and have ended with four fully trained facilitators, a full support team, and a list of 21 amazing Book Sprints under our belt. By far there ... read more

  • Blog Sprints

    We have been experimenting a little with Blog Sprints. Last night in downtown San Francisco Adam Hyde and the crew from Neo gathered together for a test Blog Sprint. The problem is well known – many organisations want their staff ... read more

  • On Book Sprints PDF The above is for version 1.1 of On Book Sprints. Produced during a 4 day Book Sprint in May 2014.  

  • Helping out OSE

    Occasionally Book Sprints helps projects out by applying our experience in Collaborative Knowledge Production to assist projects. In these cases the process is not a Book Sprint as such but we bring to the table facilitation to help produce content ... read more

  • Sprint Dynamics Close Up

    One of the things I am trying to achieve is some understanding of the dynamics of book production especially with regard to Book Sprints. The tool used for Book Sprints is Booktype, an online Book Production platform that I currently ... read more

  • Everything you wanted to know…

    The following is a short article on Book Sprints created for the Frankfurt Book Fair by Dr D M Berry ( Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at Swansea University) and Michael Dieter (lecturer in New Media at the University of Amsterdam). Book Sprinting ... read more

  • Interview with Adam Hyde for V2

    from Adam Hyde is the man behind the Floss manuals, Booktype and the so-called book sprints. This week he is at V2_, facilitating the book sprint which is producing the book Fiddling While Rome Burns. We grabbed him for a quarter of an hour ... read more

  • José Luis de Vicente interview

    from José Luis de Vicente is a journalist and curator specialized in digital culture, art and technology. He works at the edges of New Media Arts, Digital Creativity, and Innovation in Design and Culture. This week he is one of the ... read more