Second Book Sprint at the TDLC World Bank in Tokyo

This week, the Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) invited us to facilitate their second Book Sprint. A year ago we facilitated a Book Sprint for the TDLC operations manual, and now a new partnership program with the Government of Japan starting next month requires another operations manual.

The TDLC training room has fancy spy glass windows

The TDLC training room has fancy spy glass windows

Whereas last year’s Book Sprint drew on ten years of experience of the TDLC staff and partners, this manual defines an entirely new program. The resulting document may not need to be long, but each step in the process is thoroughly mapped out and carefully worded to lay the groundwork for the next four years. To design a lean and efficient process that takes the needs of all partners involved into account, and to do so quickly, the TDLC invited eight experts from Tokyo, Washington D.C. and Paris and one facilitator from Book Sprints.

Go here to see more photos.

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New release of Responsible Data Handbook

The Responsible Data in Development Handbook that was the result of a Book Sprint in 2014 with the engine room recently received a beautiful make-over including its own website, new chapter summaries, slidedeck templates, new visualizations and a lovely title: “The Hand-Book of the Modern Development Specialist”. We love to see a Book Sprint turn into a living community and the book to live on through various iterations!

You can check out the handbook here:

And read about the Book Sprint here: Book on responsible development data published and here Launching a new book on responsible development data.

New format for the Responsible Data Handbook

New look for the Responsible Data Handbook

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GIZ Book Sprint finished the book “Treasure Hunt”

After a five-day Book Sprint, a group of ten contributors finished the book Treasure Hunt – How Good Financial Governance can support resource-endowed countries in achieving the SDGs.

“Treasure Hunt, a term referring to both the gold digger atmosphere that surrounds the exploration of natural resources and the often Don-Quijotian quest of public officials for revenues.” (from the Foreword)

Book cover designed by Henrik van Leeuwen

Book cover designed by Henrik van Leeuwen

Amidst rain and sunshine (but more rain), with the river Rhine swelling until it flooded the banks behind the GIZ academy’s garden, the participants stayed inside and worked long days (and some long evenings, too). From Monday to Friday they conceptualized, structured, wrote, discussed, re-wrote and edited the book on good financial governance in the extractive sector.

How can development cooperation help resource-endowed countries with transparent revenue management?

Discussing the availability of data for transparency, oversight and accountability on day 1

Photos of the Book Sprint can be seen here on flickr.

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GIZ Book Sprint on Good Financial Governance in the Extractive Sector

GIZ (Germany’s agency for international development cooperation) has been doing extensive work on good financial governance as well as on improving governance in the extractive sector, but consolidating these two areas is still to be done. Ten experts from the GIZ and consultants came together this week in a Book Sprint to map the work being done in intersection of these two areas and to identify new directions going forward.

GIZ Akademie in Bad Honnef in the springtime

GIZ Akademie in Bad Honnef in the springtime

Starting on Monday, the participants met at the GIZ Akademie in Bad Honnef, with the river Rhine flowing by just behind the building, plenty of rabbits on the lawn, and the rhododendron in full bloom! Spring rains kept the group inside on the first day and concentrated on the issues their partner countries with extractive industries face in tax administration, budget planning, and regulatory frameworks, among others.

Discussing good strategies for budget planning

Discussing good strategies for budget planning

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Cisco Book Sprint completed!

“A Modern, Open and Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN”, the new Cisco Guide produced with the Book Sprint method, has been finalised today after 5 days of intense collaborative writing. The Guide intends to give a solid foundation of VXLAN EVPN and provides real-world use cases to achieve a successful transition to next generation data centre Fabric. The intended audience for this book is both network professionals and network administrators.

caratula book

The Book is the result of the collaborative effort of 13 participants (Cisco Technical Marketing and Sales Engineers). Some of their impressions of the week can be found in the videos below.




You can check the pics of the Book Sprint here

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New Book Sprint with Cisco in California

Yesterday, a new Book Sprint started in San José (California) with a group of Cisco engineers from all over the US and Europe. Within 5 days, the group is bookspinting to write a guide on ‘Standalone’ Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) as the routing protocol, along with Ethernet virtual Private network (EVPN).

Taking into account that we are moving towards the age of cloud, the guide intends to show the benefits of this technology which offers to operators of multi-tenant clouds the possibility to scale their networks and make them more flexible for the demands of cloud networking. The guide is targeting Technical decision-makers (TDM) and Businesses decision-makers (BDM).

Following a debate on the structure and the book scope, participants are now drafting the main sections of the Guide.


Some of the Book Sprint participants

You can check the pics of the Book Sprint here

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F5 AFM Operations Guide concluded

A great 5-day Book Sprint at the F5 premises in San José, California, concluded this Friday. The group of participants came out with the “F5 BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager Operations Guide”.

This guide includes recommended maintenance, tuning, and monitoring procedures. It will be extremely helpful to assist customers with keeping their BIG-IP optimized, and performing as designed.



F5 Participants

The guide will be published soon after an internal review process.

You can find more pics here.

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Booksprinting with F5 in San José

The series of Book Sprints with F5 continues this week in San José, California. Eleven F5 Engineers, Technical Training Developers, Security Solution Architects and Sales Engineers are working together to write the BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) Operations Guide.


On the way to F5 Offices-San José, California

AFM is a high-performance, full-proxy network firewall designed to guard data centers against incoming threats that enter the network. The aim of this guide is to provide the best customer experience possible keeping the AFM healthy.

During the first day we had a constructive discussion on the book scope and structure. Participants are now working on the identified sections.


F5 AFM Operations Guide participants

You can find more pics here.

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Financing of Power Projects Book Sprint – done!

The Book Sprint on Understanding Project Finance finished last Friday. The handbook brings light and offers a comprehensive guidance to governments and investors on how to drive investment into Power Projects in both under-served power markets in developing countries and remote markets in developed countries. Finalised in 5 days, it gathers the expertise and perspectives of the 18 participants coming from governments, development banks, private banks, and leading law firms. The book is also the tangible proof of how powerful is collaborative knowledge production.

Group of participants


Some impressions, thoughts and the Book sprinters’ experience can be found in the videos below:




To see more pictures from this Book Sprint click here

The Book Sprint facilitated by Laia Ros with the support of Henrik van Leeuwen (illustrator) and also counted with the backing of the remote team Raewyn Whyte (editor), Julien Taquet, (book producer) and Juan Gutierrez (platform developer).


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