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  • Whose Knowledge? Book Sprint

    Here we are, DAY 2 in San Diego campus booksprinting to produce a collection of resources on different ways to approach how to center marginalized community’s knowledge online. Whose Knowledge? is behind the initiative. This impressive non-profit association defends and ... read more

  • Why Book Sprints work

    Our recent Book Sprint in Cambridge was unique because the founder of Book Sprints, Adam Hyde brought his organization, the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) together to do a Book Sprint. He also got to participate for the first time in a methodology ... read more

  • PubSweet book to be printed for the next community meeting

    Last week in three and a half days, the PubSweet community wrote the first guide for using and contributing to the open source toolkit for publishing workflows. Among the participants were developers from the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation and publishers from eLife, Hindawi, and EBI. The book is ... read more

  • PubSweet Documentation Sprint

    PubSweet is an open source toolkit for building publishing workflows that is designed to be modular and flexible to serve the different needs of different workflows. Developed by the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation together with several partner organisations and academic publishers, it has seen a remarkable growth within a ... read more

  • On Book Sprints Facilitation

    What makes our particular kind of facilitation at Book Sprints unique? We often get asked how what we do is different to the facilitation of an “unconference stye participatory event” which have become popular in the technology space. Adam Hyde, ... read more