Right to Health Book Sprint, Bogota

Diálogos: Construyendo futuro en derechos fundamentales Produced with World Bank

We are into day 4 of a 5 day Book Sprint on the ‘The Right to Health’. The event is brought together by the World Bank. 15 experts in health policy and practice have gathered together at the lovely town Villa de Leyva near Bogota Columbia.

Day 1, Concepting

We have completed 32,000 words (many more than this but lots of cutting and trimming!) in just over 3 days. The process is progressing more and more into the review cycles and illustrations are also taking shape to populate the book. It has been a great Book Sprint so far and facilitated by the new Book Sprint facilitator Barbara Rühling (Berlin, Germany). We have been training Barbara over the last 7 months and this is her second solo Book Sprint. We are very happy with Barbaras work and happy she has joined the team.

Some photos of the event are below and you can find more photos here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/101584348@N06

Day 3

Deep in the action (day 2)

Day 4, cut n paste

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