Book Sprints Ltd is a team of specialised facilitators, as well as programmers, book designers, illustrators, and copy editors. Adam Hyde founded Book Sprints Ltd in 2013. The idea for a Book Sprint was initially thought of by Tomas Krag in 2005 as a collaborative writing process over several months. Building on this idea, Adam Hyde designed a method for an intense, 5-day Book Sprint for Free/Libre Open Source Software manuals. Over the years we refined the method that is now used for any subject, from industry guides to art history.

Barbara Rühling (DE), CEO

Barbara has been Book Sprints’ CEO since 2016, after being the lead facilitator for 3 years. Her background is in cultural anthropology and documentary film. She facilitates in English, German, and Spanish.

Adam Hyde (NZ/USA), Founder

Adam is the founder of Book Sprints Ltd. He developed the Book Sprints method in 2008. He also founded FLOSS Manuals, Booktype, PubSweet, and the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation. Currently Adam is also a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow.

Karina Piersig (DE), Business Development

Karina has joined Book Sprints in January 2018. Previously, she has been working as a Program Manager in Higher Education and Civic Education. 

Laia Ros (AND/BE), Facilitator

Laia is a facilitator, a cultural producer and advisor for the creative sector. Laia facilitates in English, French, and Spanish.

Faith Bosworth (ZA/DE), Facilitator

Faith has been facilitating workshops, unconferences, seminars and other events for more than 5 years, working across the sectors of technology, human rights and the arts. She facilitates in English.

Henrik van Leeuwen (NL), Illustrator

Henrik is a graphic designer, illustrator and media artist who has been doing illustrations for Book Sprints as diverse as technical manuals and fiction books, all in the same timeframe as the Book Sprints.

Lennart Wolfert (NL), Illustrator

Lennart is an illustrator, book cover designer & graphic artist based in The Netherlands.

Agathe Baëz (FR), Book Designer

Agathe is a graphic designer. She designs for Book Sprints using our CSS and HTML workflow. Free-lance since 2009, she considers her work a precise handicraft dedicated to revealing the best of each project.

Julien Taquet (FR), Book Designer

Julien designs books for Book Sprints using our CSS and HTML workflow. He also works with Coko Foundation on our new platform.

Raewyn Whyte (NZ), Copy editor

Raewyn is an editor and dance critic based in New Zealand who has a background in web development, policy advice and education. She has copy edited Book Sprints on subjects including software documentation, activists’ manuals, Third World development and academic articles.

Frank Richarz (DE), Copy Editor

Frank is an editor with a background in philosophy, theater studies, psychology, public law, economics, computer and cognitive science. Before he joined Book Sprints, he was a lecturer in Theater Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. 

Juan Gutierrez (NI), Programmer

Juan is the lead developer for the book platform we use and also collaborates with the Coko Foundation on our new platform.

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