Structuring a chapter

Day 2 and we are up early for breakfast and then a quick update on the status of chapters. Some content is still being created for chapters started on Day 1 but we can move on this morning with 2 new chapters. To structure these we are working on a nice big wooden table in the lounge and writing ideas onto post-it notes. Everyone can participate with contributions on what should be in the chapter, and the person taking responsibility for starting the chapter writes these ideas down on post-it notes and orders them according to the structure we created yesterday.

Its a great process and very good for getting the wide range of knowledge available on a subject into the chapter, and its easy to see how this content can fit together as a readable structure.

The aim is to finish 2 more chapters before lunch and another 2 by dinner. That puts us on target for finishing the bulk of the important content late tonight and we may also be able to move into content that is considered to be bonus material (desired/enhancing but not essential). Current word count at 9500 (after some trimming down of content).

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