CETIS Final Day

Visualisation of actions. Taken from http://www.booki.cc/oer-tech/_info/

We are beginning the last morning of our 2.5 day sprint. All content is done and we are sitting on a word count of 21,000. The next phase is focused on clean up. Phil, Lorna and Amber are going through each others work and editing, spell checking, standardising, etc.

The aim is to finish today at 1700 with a self contained book. After this event the CETIS crew wish to distribute it for comment and improvements.

We are keeping a tally of the edits on paper so that we know who has done what. This kind of tool is very useful for the final stages and it also helps define the kinds of tools needed in the authoring system. This kind of tracking/issue management process which is currently done by paper will be built into the software we are using (booktype).

Each participant must only edit the content they have not created. That is not always a clear line with collaborative writing, but the essential idea is to get fresh eyes on the text to check it.

Update 14:45: We are fast coming to a close with 2 hours to go. We will finish the book but there will be a round of peer review and some citations to be added. Martin has joined after returning from Jury service and everyone has their heads down and focused on improving/checking existing texts.

We have a lot more work to do in this last phase due to the group producing more content that expected. However we should be able to get through it all but it will be tight.

Update 15:15: Amber has added an introduction and the rest of the team are editing. A lot of work to be done on a a few chapters but progress is good.

Update 16:45: All done. Home time.

The last mile, hard at work in the kitchen.

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