Africa’s Blue Economy: A policy handbook

Africa's Blue Economy: A policy handbook Produced with UNECA, November 2015

A late night on day 5 and we are finished with the first Blue Economy Policy Handbook for Africa. Tomorrow the participants from UNECA will travel together through the winding hills of the highly cultivated countryside of the aptly named, Country of a Thousand Hills, ending up in Kigali before going their separate ways. Definitely a challenging sprint for Book Sprints, a short time to create a common vision and produce something meaningful with a very diverse group of experts who all came to the topic of the Blue Economy from different perspectives and practices. The book they wrote was called Africa’s Blue Economy: A policy handbook.



The final outcome looks good, with highlights such as a step-by-step guide to frame the development of a Blue Economy Policy from Agenda setting to Monitoring and Evaluation and case studies of Blue Economy successes and failures drawn from the expert’s experiences. Africa’s Blue Economy: A policy handbook will now go through an internal review by UNECA and should be available online and in print before the year is over.

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