Understanding Power Project Procurement released

Understanding Power Project Procurement Produced with Commercial Law Development Program, U.S. Department of Commerce, October 2017

The book “Understanding Power Project Procurement” was recently launched by U.S. General Counsel Peter B. Davidson.

It is the third in a series of Power Africa handbooks that was written in a Book Sprint in September 2017.

The sprint was hosted by the Commercial Law Development Program and the African Legal Support Facility.

From the CLDP blog:

In September 2017, CLDP (in partnership with the African Legal Support Facility) brought together a group of world-class experts to draft the third handbook in Power Africa’s “Understanding” series, Understanding Power Project Procurement. The newest Power Africa handbook, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, is intended to serve as a practical resource for decision-makers on the policy and strategy behind the procurement of power projects.

The procurement handbook was drafted using the same Book Sprint method as the Power Purchase Agreements and Project Financing handbooks, which allowed our diverse group of contributors from African governments, multilateral institutions, development banks, private developers, procurement consultants and leading international law firms, all whom contributed their time on a pro-bono basis, to complete the handbook in only five days.

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