2nd Times Up Book Sprint

The second Book Sprint held by Times Up (Linz, Austria) was held in the first week of June, facilitated by Barbara Rühling. Eleven futurists gathered in a large Austrian ‘villa’ (mansion) on the banks of Lake Attersee to follow up on their symposium Data Ecologies 2014 held the week before.

Future-ish Book Sprinters

Future-ish Book Sprinters

In four days, they wrote a book entitled “Futurish” to make people curious to think about futures (in the plural). Critically questioning the ability to make predictions, the book rather asks “how can the field of futures help open up conceptual spaces between the “is” and the “otherwise”, the inevitable and the unthinkable?” The book presents projects and tools that allow to do just that in a playful way, using transmedia storytelling, experience design tools, and many others, even generating new ones as a result of the intense collaboration process.
Using poetic interventions and sarcastic drawings, the collaborators challenge their own assumptions made in the book.

Drawing from the book

Drawing from the book

More photos here https://www.flickr.com/photos/101584348@N06/sets/72157644897110453/

Book Sprints on French TV

The last Book Sprint as part of the Book Sprints for ICT Research project was held recently in Nice, France. We typically discourage interviews or other processes that will take focus away from the Book Sprint energy and focus. However in this instance we timed interviews during lunch and requested they be short. As a result a small news item appeared on French Tv and can be found online here:


The segment is mostly in French. Comments by facilitator Barbara Rühling and one other participant are in English.

2 Presentations on Book Sprints

The Digital Publishing Toolkit conference “Off the Press” was held in Rotterdam in the last week of May, 2104. Two presentations featured Book Sprints, the first was by Adam Hyde and touched on Book Sprints as a methodology within the context of producing artifacts. His argument “Books are Evil” reflects on collaborative processes as a critical practice that deconstructs copyright, ‘the book’, solitary authorship etc.

Off the Press – Adam Hyde: Books Are Evil from network cultures on Vimeo.

The second presentation focused on 2 Book Sprints held by V2. Michelle Kasprzak talks of one Book Sprint facilitated by Adam Hyde that was a very successful and pivotal event for the organisation. The second Book Sprint V2 undertook by themselves without a facilitator. Unsurprisingly Michelle comments on this second event as having mixed results and a book was not produced.

Off the Press – Michelle Kasprzak, _V2: The eBook as a Vehicle for Re-dissemination and Creation from network cultures on Vimeo.

Experimental Repo

We have just created a repo on github for some experimental work on a framework for collaborative knowledge production. There are two repositories as it happens, one is PubSweet which is a rough and ready simple tool for collaborative production of books. The second is PubSweet2 – a rewrite and looking towards a more modular future.

They are rough but functional. We are using them for experimenting with various ideas and also in use for some Book Sprints already. There is essentially a low-fi UI approach, but soon we hope to apply designs from Henrik van Leeuwen.

We wanted to get it more finished than it is before putting it out there but we are busy folks and it just started getting further and further away. So here it is. As is. It works but its rough. No apologies :) We thought its just best to get it out there regardless.

Open Source / Free Software licensed under Apache. Do with it as you will.


Wanted : People to be trained as Book Sprint Facilitators

We are currently looking for people that will want to be trained as Book Sprint Facilitators. We are in the unusual situation of having produced a methodology of which there are very few practitioners hence we do not expect you to have experience as a Book Sprint facilitator however we are looking people with specific qualities. Facilitation experience is not necessary. As such, if you are interested please send an email to adam@booksprints.net expressing your interest with statements (preferably with examples from experience) that can support answers to the following:

  • can you read interpersonal dynamics quickly?
  • do you cope with a lack of sleep well?
  • do you react with light touch when under stress?
  • can you direct people?
  • do you know how to mediate power dynamics?
  • are you able to be the center of attention without attaching your ego?
  • are you calm but strong when needed?
  • are you able to look after people when they are in a challenging environment?

Additionally, fluency in more than one language would be an asset.

We will take a handful of candidates and invite each to one Book Sprint. At the end of the process we will discuss with each of the successful candidates whether it is a good idea to continue with the training. Should the training go further you will be trained by us and work on a contract basis for Book Sprints we organise.

2 Presentations

Today Adam Hyde presented at the Digital Publishing Tool Kit conference at the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The topic was “Books are Evil”. Tomorrow Adam presents at The Next Chapter conference in Stockholm on the topic “Collaborative Knowledge Production”.

Book Sprint on Book Sprints

CoverAfter 4 short but arduous days in a Book Sprint on Book Sprints we are proud to release the results. On Book Sprints v1.0 EPUB is available here. We will produce a 1.1 and PDF later this week.

Contributors: Rachel Baker, David Berry, Mark Brokering, Michael Dieter, Amanda French, Barbara Rühling
Facilitated by: Adam Hyde
Cover: Henrik van Leeuwen
Photos: Rachel Baker and Henrik van Leeuwen
Remote Proofing : Raewyn White

The Book Sprint on Book Sprints took place May 13-16 in Berlin


Photos of the event can be found here

If you do not have a e-Reader either use Calibre or wait for the PDF.

Seeking Unix/CSS Book Geek

If you would like to be involved in cutting edge book design techniques then you might be the one for us! We write books in 3-5 days and produce print formatted PDF and EPUB in minutes. We are looking for someone to take responsibility for the book production processes to support out Book Sprints. The successful candidate will be experienced in designing in CSS and run a UNIX operating system (Ubuntu/Debian/Linux etc). You must also be passionate about being involved in the very cutting edge of book production techniques. Javascript knowledge would be an asset but not essential. This is contracted work on a per Book Sprint basis.

If you are interested contact Adam Hyde :adam@booksprints.net