Summer of Book Sprints 2017

Summer Book Sprints

Writing a book in the summer, like here in Portugal


Some of us are using the summer break to get something done, like writing a book, for example. This summer we’ll have an interesting range of Book Sprints coming up in Europe.

Book Sprints in July and August

We’ll be facilitating a Book Sprint for the New Practices for New Publics project at the University of Brighton in the UK from July 19 – 22.

During the same week (July 20 – 22), another Book Sprint will take place with Brigitta Wurnig Coaching in a spa resort near Hamburg, Germany.

And also in Germany, in a monastery near Ulm, Die Akademie will be hosting a Book Sprint from August 8 – 11, 2017.

The last two will be producing books in German which we rarely get to do!

Looks like it will be a good summer.

Summer Book Sprints

Book Sprinting in a Garden in Christchurch, New Zealand

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