Integrating communications support via collaboration with O’Connell Consulting

In order to support and lend transparency into our organization’s continued growth and new initiatives, such as Sprint Lab, Book Sprints has added support for communications via my new venture, O’Connell Consulting.

We are excited about working together to quickly generate fresh content for Book Sprints’ content distribution channel. There are so many Sprints we are facilitating all over the world, as well as conferences we are attending and presenting at. This is the perfect time to add capacity for generating content and managing social because with so much going on, we want to make sure we are documenting and sharing with our community.

It’s a dream come true to formalize a relationship as we’ve long been fans of each other’s work, following collaboration during a Sprint in fall 2018, and enjoying a strategy session in Berlin late last year. We look forward to working together to more broadly amplify the amazing work that is Book Sprints.

We are happy to also participate together on the Editoria Advisory Group, and within the Editoria Community, where Book Sprints is one of the earliest and most active adopters.

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