Book Sprint on the Yensore programme finalised!!

Yensore programme. Our experiences in Natural Resources Sector in Ghana Produced with Yensore programme (a partnership of four Ghanaian NGOs)

As Mandela said: “it always seems impossible until it’s done”. And that was the group feeling after a hectic week of collaborative writing. The 15 participants manage to write a book from A to Z on their the Yensore Programme own experiences.

The Yensore programme is a partnership of four Ghanaian NGOs – Civic Response, Kasa Initiative Ghana, United Civil Society Organisation for National Development (UCSOND) and Wacam – and CARE International. The organisations work in the areas of forestry, mining, oil and gas sectors while Kasa is a platform for seven CSO coalitions in the NRE sector.

Teberebie Community Demonstration 2004 (2015_10_10 07_27_20 UTC)

Teberebie Community Demonstration

The network aims at joining efforts to advocate for the local communities against the irresponsible management of natural resources and climate matters. Thus, it empowers local community and also links the efforts to advocacy at national and international level.

The book offers some lessons learned around community rights and natural resources as well as the achieved capacity building of community activists, women and youth.

You can check photos here.


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