What happened to the book “ÜberMorgen” by Netzwerk Zukunftsorte?

In November 2021, we facilitated a Book Sprint with Netzwerk Zukunftsorte, an organization driving community-oriented real estate development in rural East Germany. The network connects property owners, municipalities, and people interested in buying land to create life and work communities in rural areas. The aim of the four-day sprint was to create a publication that empowers readers to take the first steps towards sustainable, communal usage concepts through alternative financing models. 

The book: A showcase for the network’s expertise

The book cover

The resulting book, titled “ÜberMorgen”, was published in April 2022 and showcases the expertise and experience of the authors and 19 experts interviewed during preparation. The book was distributed to 4500 young mayors across Germany and has been downloaded over 500 times from the Netzwerk Zukunftsorte websiteWhile it didn’t bring direct financial return, it has been a valuable giveaway item that helped boost the organization’s reputation as leaders in municipal and property development. At events such as the Zukunftsforum Ländliche Entwicklung, copies of the book were in high demand. As the network’s members continue to travel across Germany and gain attention from more municipalities, the book helps to spread awareness of the organization’s mission and vision.

The Book Sprint: A Team-Building Experience Like No Other

Reflecting on the experience, the team dubbed the Book Sprint “the best team-building experience ever.” One member shared,

It was great to see how much knowledge we have in our team – it brought us closer together and clearly showed that we all burn for our vision. The Book Sprint provided us with the opportunity to intensively engage with our topic and target audience. That the publication is well received and in demand among the target audience has strengthened our motivation. And the process of creating a genuine collaborative effort also brings happiness and pride.

The network’s team members during the Book Sprint

In conclusion, Netzwerk Zukunftsorte’s book “ÜberMorgen” has had a positive impact on both the team and their audience. By empowering readers to take the first steps towards sustainable, communal usage concepts, the book has become a valuable resource in the field of real estate development. With its distribution and positive feedback, the book has become a valuable giveaway item that showcases the team’s expertise and their commitment to their vision.

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