IISD Book Sprint: Modelling for sustainable development

Modelling for Sustainable Development: New decisions for a new age Produced with International Institute for Sustainable Development , June 3-7, 2019

Last June a group of Book Sprinters in Montreux, Switzerland, enjoyed the overwhelming views of Lake Leman: one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and source of inspiration for many well-known writers such as Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, Goethe, Rousseau and Voltaire, to name a few. It was a Book Sprint with IISD, and the book they produced is IISD Modelling for Sustainable Development: New decisions for a new age.

photo credit: Laia Ros

During the Book Sprint, Lake Leman was also the place of focus for some of the leading experts and modellers of policymaking. They were brought together by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) to write a guide on modelling investment for sustainable development in five days.

The Book Sprint had a twofold purpose. Firstly, to confront the traditional modelling approaches that remain largely focused on the conventional metrics of profits and taxes. In other words, the exclusive focus on financial factors. And secondly, to suggest a shift in paradigm through a holistic and comprehensive approach that would enlarge the traditional modelling and connect policy to the achievement of sustainable development objectives.


photo credits: Laia Ros

photo credits: Laia Ros

photo credits: Laia Ros

The resulted guide titled: “Modelling for Sustainable Development: New Decisions for a New Age” successfully demonstrates to governments that modelling for sustainable development can play an important role in improving decision making and avoid the emergence of future environmental, social, and economic crises.

See more photos from the process and the beautiful views here on flickr, and see more of our books for policy making.

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