What a Book Sprint looks like: a photo story

What does it look like when a group of people get together, led by a facilitator, to write a book in five days? Some photos from the last Sprint tell the story.

The improbable mission: ‘You mean an actual book, a book book?’

It all starts with Post-its

So many post-its – ‘We’re supposed to turn this into a book?’

This starts to look a little less overwhelming when we create some order

When collaboration is great when everyone is in synch

When collaboration is not so great and you don’t understand what someone else has written

And it seems like this process will never end! So much coffee needed….

But look it’s also fun!

And exciting. Especially when you have a fire evacuation at the hotel in the last crucial hours of the Sprint!

It even starts to look like a book

With all the necessary parts

Soon it’s over and everyone feels amazing (but also pretty happy to get some sleep!)

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