Book Sprint on Book Sprints

On Book Sprints Produced with Group of authors

CoverAfter 4 short but arduous days in a Book Sprint on Book Sprints we are proud to release the results. On Book Sprints v1.0 EPUB is available here. We will produce a 1.1 and PDF later this week.

Contributors: Rachel Baker, David Berry, Mark Brokering, Michael Dieter, Amanda French, Barbara Rühling
Facilitated by: Adam Hyde
Cover: Henrik van Leeuwen
Photos: Rachel Baker and Henrik van Leeuwen
Remote Proofing : Raewyn White

The Book Sprint on Book Sprints took place May 13-16 in Berlin


Photos of the event can be found here

If you do not have a e-Reader either use Calibre or wait for the PDF.

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