Book Sprints have facilitated a number of international organisations, universities and collectives to successfully produce an array of document types. These include policy papers, advocacy books, handbooks on legal contracts, university textbooks, academic literature, manifestos, artist books and even fiction. There is no field or profession we cannot work with.

Book Sprint with Publish What You Pay, July 2018

Our clients value our product-oriented methodology and are always surprised by how quickly we can get different stakeholders to develop a shared understanding and reach a consensus. The diversity of perspectives in fact only enriches the text.

A Book Sprint can also support coalition-building. The experience of hashing out a thesis together can really unite people; this can be useful at any stage of a project, or as an attempt to build a community around a topic. Participants also tell us that they leave a Book Sprint with greater knowledge or a clearer consensus on the topic than when they started.

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What our participants have to say:

Phil Karp
Lead Knowledge Management Officer, The World Bank

I have used Book Sprints for two very different kinds of operational manuals – one where we documented defined procedures among stakeholders and one where we developed the procedures together in the Sprint. It worked excellently for both scenarios!

Cameron Neylon
Professor of Research Communications, Curtin University

So much time is wasted bringing people together for meetings and usually the end product is just a list of bullet points. In a Book Sprint you get not only focused productivity from a group of issue experts but also delivery.