With technology changing so rapidly, there is a need to publish documentation more quickly than ever before. The standard route – of hiring a technical writer for the job – tends to take at least six months, and most of that time can be spent trying to understand what your experts already know.


A Book Sprint gathers all the people with the knowledge – the engineers, architects, developers, technical writers, marketing or sales people – and facilitates conversation among them, guiding them to develop a coherent overview for users. More and more technology companies are choosing the Book Sprints method to produce documentation for complex solutions. They tell us that along with the speed of production, what they value is the output of a book which puts all the information in one place for their customers.

The fact that this book has been written, reviewed and endorsed by 5 – 15 of your key experts also adds credibility to your products. The Book Sprint process rests on strong facilitation of your company’s experts and a remote book production team motivated to produce visually attractive and coherent documentation which meets the user where they are at.

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What our participants have to say:

Lauren Malhoit
Technical Marketing, Cisco

“As of yesterday, we completed the Cisco ACI Book Sprint…and what a whirlwind it was! One of my coworkers asked me how I felt about the week and the first word that came to mind was ‘accomplished.'”

Nick Chase
Head of Technical and Marketing Content, Mirantis

“..when I volunteered for the Sprint, I confess that I didn’t expect much. Oh, I knew that at the end of the week we’d have a book. I just didn’t expect it to be the really great book that actually emerged.”