Cisco Ultra M Troubleshooting Guide Out the Door

Cisco Ultra M Troubleshooting guide Produced with Cisco, March 2018

Cisco Ultra M Troubleshooting Guide: We’re becoming regulars on Cisco campuses, pulling in for a week at a time, sampling the entire menu in the cafetaria, draining the coffee supplies and marching between the cubicles, keeping small groups of engineers, developers and marketing people on track to writing guides and technical support manuals. We don’t have badges so we still need real staff to help us open doors, but other than that, we’re really starting to feel at home, exploring the environment from outside and in.

This Sprint was on Ultra M, a mobility platform which is still so new (only released in October last year), that some of the participants weren’t convinced it was a good time to write a troubleshooting guide. Some of them were even still learning the software. The Sprint went off pretty well though and the contributors have produced a resource which will helpfully make their jobs easier when dealing with customers who have troubleshooting queries. “You’ll find the answer to your question in this guide,” is going to be uttered with glee. From our side, we also had the rare joy of having our designer Henrik van Leeuwen on site, creating illustrations for the document in collaboration with the participants. This was a headache for him at times, especially after the eleventh revision of a label, but really rewarding for the faciliator and the participants. Other than learning about the Book Sprint for Cisco Ultra M Troubleshooting Guide, find out more about our other Book Sprints with Cisco.

To see more photos from the Sprint see our Flickr page.

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