OpenStack Book Done

OpenStack Operations Guide Produced with OpenStack Foundation

openstack_covers2_600The OpenStack Book Sprint is over and the book is done. The OpenStack foundation will release it on Monday and then promote it in the run up to the OpenStack conference in April. From the blurb:

“The book you hold in your hands should smell like fresh ink, and while we wouldn’t suggest you taste it, it was created in a hard-working five-day Book Sprint with OpenStack operators. Thanks to generous funding from the OpenStack Foundation, we could fly people from Australia, Canada, and all around the United States to sit in a room together.”

“With sticky notes, dry-erase markers, and a lot of discussion, the book project began to take shape. We could hardly believe we would accomplish the goal of a book in a week’s time. With 10,000 words on day one, we began to believe. With 20,000 words and two images on Tuesday, we felt energized. At 35,000 words on Wednesday, we wondered how much further we could push. On Thurday, we had over 45,000 words and felt confident enough to cut deeply through the glossary. The final word count will near 50,000 and the beauty of this book is that all community members can edit it and continue to add to the experience.”

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