GSoC Doc Camp

2012 GSoC Doc Camp underway

The first day of the second Doc Camp has just begun. Gathered together at the Sunnyvale Googleplex are 3 free software projects – Fontforge, Evergreen, and Squeakland. Each group has about 6 contributors that have travelled from near and far (furthest being Australia and Germany) to participate. The event is co-organised by FLOSS Manuals, Aspiration, and Google Summer of Code.

The aim is to have 3 concurrent Book Sprints (to produce 3 books in 3 days) and have a 2 day unconference. The first day is all unconference facilitated by the amazing Allen Gunn (Gunner). Discussions have focused on the development of documentation communities, how to get free software users involved in the process of making documentation better, and how to keep documentation up to date with the software.

Gunner facilitating the unconference part of the Doc Camp.

Update Day 3: All is going well with all three projects on target. We will finish most of the content tonight with the last material to be added in the morning and then clean up and editing in the afternoon. At 10PM the material is delivered to the Print on Demand service for printing and delivery on Friday.

Evergreen crew with continuous remote partipation from Jim Keenan via tablet on the far table.

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