Cisco IOS XE Programmability Sprint

We have just started the first of two Sprints for Cisco on Wireless and Programmability at Cisco’s San Jose campus. Both books will be printed and distributed at Cisco Live in June where thousands of experts, customers and partners come to network and learn from each other. The Sprint has got off to a good start. Located in one of the new, nicely-designed buildings where just about every wall is possible to write on, and there are corners for brainstorming or quick discussions, the environment feels very conducive to collaboration. Most of the group are Book Sprint first-timers bar one who completed a Sprint just a month ago on Catalyst 9000. Facilitators try to not even do Sprints that regularly, so we sympathize. This book intends to convey to customers who might know a lot about networking but have little understanding about Programmability and need to be convinced of  programmability capabilities. For photos from this Book Sprint see:

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