Cisco ASR 5000/ASR 5500 Troubleshooting guide released!

ASR 5000/ASR 5500. Mobility Troubleshooting Guide Produced with Cisco, May 2015

This week, Cisco’s building 500 in Boxborough (Massachusetts) hosted a group of Cisco’s engineers coming from all around the world to participate in a new Book Sprint. After 5 days of intense debate, sharing and collaborative writing, the Cisco ASR 5000 and 5500 – Mobility Troubleshooting Guide has been released.

Cisco BS #3 Book cover

Cisco BS #3 Book cover

It is the first Troubleshooting Guide for the Cisco ASR 5000 and 5500 customers. It intends to offer a very broad troubleshooting overview of the complex platforms and increase the understanding of specific features.

Cisco BS #3 - Participants

Cisco BS #3 – Participants

The Book Sprint was facilitated by Laia Ros with the support of the remote team: Henrik van Leeuwen (illustrator) Raewyn Whyte (editor), Julien Taquet, (book producer) and Juan Gutierrez (platform developer).

You can check the Book sprint photos here.

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