Cisco DNA Assurance: Unlocking the Power of Data

Cisco DNA Assurance: Unlocking the Power of Data Produced with Cisco, November 2018

Cisco Building 7 in Milpitas, California, has hosted a new Book Sprint this week. The team of participants from Cisco have worked thoroughly to describe the value of DNA Assurance to customers. The aim of the guide is to offer a better understanding, explain how DNA Assurance operates and how it can be deployed in their own network environments.

The topic was briefly addressed in the SD-Access Guide we did last December, which has been distributed with more than 6.000 printed copies. This new guide will also be printed and handed out during Cisco Live! in Barcelona end of January 2019 and distributed in the US.

The 15 contributors representing different Cisco departments shared their expertise, combined their resources and reached a common understanding on DNA Assurance. It was really fascinating to observe how the guide improved every hour and how real-time/face-to-face collaboration is a perfect approach to generate content and strengthen interpersonal relationships.


Cisco participants

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