Cisco book A Modern, Open and Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN

A Modern, Open and Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN Produced with Cisco, April 2016

“A Modern, Open and Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN”, the new Cisco Guide produced with the Book Sprint method, has been finalised today after 5 days of intense collaborative writing. The Guide intends to give a solid foundation of VXLAN EVPN and provides real-world use cases to achieve a successful transition to next generation data centre Fabric. The intended audience for this book is both network professionals and network administrators.

The book by Cisco “A Modern, Open Scalable Fabric: VXLAN EVPN” is the result of the collaborative effort of 13 participants (Cisco Technical Marketing and Sales Engineers). Some of their impressions of the week can be found in the videos below.




You can check the pics of the Book Sprint here. And find all the Cisco books we’ve produced so far here.

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