OpenStack Architecture Design Guide released!

OpenStack Architecture Design Guide Produced with OpenStack Foundation

The third book we Book Sprinted with the OpenStack Foundation is now available!

“This book was written in a book sprint format, which is a facilitated, rapid development production method for books. For more information, see the Book Sprints website (localhost:8888/

This book was written in five days during July 2014 while exhausting the M&M, Mountain Dew and healthy options supply, complete with juggling entertainment during lunches at VMware’s headquarters in Palo Alto. The event was also documented on Twitter using the #OpenStackDesign hashtag. The Book Sprint was facilitated by Faith Bosworth and Adam Hyde.

We would like to thank VMware for their generous hospitality, as well as our employers, Cisco, Cloudscaling, Comcast, EMC, Mirantis, Rackspace, Red Hat, Verizon, and VMware, for enabling us to contribute our time. We would especially like to think Anne Gentle and Kenneth Hui for all of their shepherding and organization in making this happen.”

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