Sprinting with VMware VeloCloud team for SD-WAN 1:1

SD-WAN 1:1 The What, Why and How Produced with VMware, July 8-12, 2019

In 2019 we had the pleasure of starting to work with a new client: VMware, a USA-based software company that provides cloud computing and virtualisation software and services. The first Book Sprint with VMware took place in July in Miami Beach, and produced the book titled “SD-WAN 1:1 The What, Why and How”.

“SD-WAN 1:1 The What, Why and How” is a full technical perspective of the VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud network solution aiming to answer questions the users have. The book was written with the target audience of CTOs and network engineers in mind and is available for purchase. Rosa Lear, Director of Marketing at VeloCloud Business Unit, VMware and organiser of this Book Sprint, shared her thoughts on the process and objectives of the book during an interview at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco:

There are a lot of books out there in the market that are focused on SD-WAN because it’s such a hot topic, but what we saw was a big deficit on how it actually works, getting down into that second, third layer of what people are looking for. So it’s not so superficial, they really wanna know: How does that work? How do I integrate it into my network? What are the steps that I go through? So it’s not a user manual, but it definitely gives you that deep perspective of what SD-WAN can provide and how to implement it in your network.

Photo credit by Barbara Rühling

Photo credit by Barbara Rühling












To address the target audience successfully the Book Sprinters created two personas for two different objectives. For each persona there was a sketch, a name, a position, their main pain points and their main motivation to read the book. Those personas ended up as characters in the book in short stories introducing each chapter with their journey of deciding which product to use and how to implement it. The final result is a book that looks quite different from other tech books, illustrated and with a sense of humour.

Photo credit by Barbara Rühling

You can read more on Rosa’s impressions on the VMware blogs here. Jokes apart, we are looking forward to collaborating again with VMware’s hard working team on their next Book Sprint!


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