Changemaker Education


Hidden away in a snow-laden cabin in the hills of Salt Lake City Utah, there 12 highly inspiring and passionate educators from 10 schools around the US who are trying to capture their years of experience developing and providing “Changemaker Education” to kids and young adults. They representatives from among the 100 Changemaker Schools, identified by the Ashoka Foundation, as institutions that prioritize the cultivation of empathy, teamwork, leadership, and changemaking in their students. The participants arrived brimming with stories of how their schools empower students and teachers to challenge the status quo, solve problems, nurture community and create positive change in the world. The task is now for them to turn all those personal experiences and learnings into a meaningful and useable guide for other educators wanting to implement similar practices in their schools.

Collaboration has also extended beyond the book-writing. The group have been cooking together too!


More photos of the sprint can be found:

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