Book Sprints for ICT Research #3

Urban Interaction Design. Towards City Making Produced with European Commision

23 – 28 March 2014
Urban Interaction Design: Emerging Trends

Mapping the field of Urban Interaction Design

The third Book Sprint funded by the European Commission to investigate the application of the methodology as applied to the production of academic products is underway. In collaboration with UrbanIxD: Designing Human Interactions in the Networked City, a Coordination Action project funded by the European Commission under FP7 Future and Emerging Technologies (FET Open).

Location: Neuhausen, Germany

Guest house of Schloss Neuhausen

Facilitated by Book Sprints facilitator Barbara Rühling

Book Sprint session schedule:
participants arrive – 23 March
working session – Monday 24 – Thursday 28
participants depart – 28 March

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