Activist Sprint
  • Changemaker Education

    In 2016 a group of nine educators from so-called ‘Changemaker Schools’ got together to share best practices from their classrooms. They used the time to figure out what was unique about the educational environments created at their schools, and to ... read more

  • Changemakers: Educating With Purpose

    The Book Sprint for Ashoka finished up yesterday. The end result is a really useful book that captures many of the practices of these teachers and administrators from schools which dare to educate differently and focus on equipping children and ... read more

  • Changemaker Education

    Hidden away in a snow-laden cabin in the hills of Salt Lake City Utah, there 12 highly inspiring and passionate educators from 10 schools around the US who are trying to capture their years of experience developing and providing “Changemaker ... read more

  • ADA Book Sprint done!

    Busy times in Book Sprint land. We have had three weeks straight of Book Sprints in Tel Aviv, New Zealand, France, and Rwanda with two more weeks coming up (Berlin, and San Francisco). Busy days. In the meantime the ADA ... read more

  • Cost of Freedom Book released

    After five days, we finished the Book Sprint on the “Cost of Freedom” as part of the #FREEBASSEL campaign. The book was released on Monday, November 9 2015 under a CC0 license on 44 contributors, including 12 on-site book ... read more

  • Cost of Freedom Book Sprint

    The “Cost of Freedom” Book Sprint is taking place this week in honor of Bassel Khartabil. Bassel, who has been an active contributor to  free/open knowledge projects around the world, was taken a political prisoner in Syria in 2012. Since ... read more