Selected Books

The following is a small collection of examples of the 100+ books we have produced in Book Sprints.

Understanding Power Project Financing
NGO Handbook, 2015
Hosted by USAID
Facilitated by Laia Ros

The handbook focuses on the financing challenges of power projects and give advice to governments on the different options they can take into account in a PPA – agreement that governs the sale and purchase of power.

BIG-IP Access Policy Management
Corporate Documentation, 2015
Hosted by F5
Facilitated by Barbara Rühling, Laia Ros

The second out of a series of four Book Sprints with F5 took place in their Seattle headquarters right at the waterfront overlooking the bay and the train tracks passing in front of the building. There, a group of smart and hard-working participants produced the “F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Management Operations Guide” in five days.

Programmability and Automation
Corporate Documentation, 2015
Hosted by Cisco
Facilitated by Laia Ros

For the third Book Sprint with Cisco in 2015 we returned to the Cisco campus in Milpitas in Silicon valley. During five days, ten Cisco engineers produced the “Programmability and Automation with Cisco Open NX-OS” guide which was made available online here and was also printed.


A Transitional Imaginary
Artists Reflections, 2015
Hosted by Aotearoa Digital Arts Network
Facilitated by Adam Hyde

“In November 2015, ADA brought together eight artists and writers in post-quake Otautahi Christchurch, for a ‘book sprint’, the collaborative writing of a book over the course of five days. The result, A Transitional Imaginary, juxtaposes and interweaves its authors’ perspectives on the effects of the devastating series of earthquakes that began in 2010. Guided by the notion of ‘the digital’ in its broadest sense, this book offers a multiple view of the transitional city, attuned to the technologies, networks and virtualities that have always ordered our world.”

Cost of Freedom
Activist Campaign, 2015
Hosted by Book Sprints
Facilitated by Barbara Rühling

For this Book Sprint, free culture activists and researchers came together to write a book about the “Cost of Freedom” as part of the #FREEBASSELcampaign for the release of imprisoned Syrian internet activist Bassel Khartabil. The participants stayed together in a large house in the countryside outside the small village Pourrières in southern France, prepared delicious meals in the family kitchen, tasted the local wine and worked long hours to complete the book in five days.

Practitioners Advice on Implementing Integrity Pacts
NGO Handbook, 2015
Hosted by Transparency International
Facilitated by Barbara Rühling

Participants from ten different country chapters of Transparency International came together for four days to write about their experiences of planning and implementing Integrity Pacts for large procurement projects.

Troubleshooting Cisco’s application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
Corporate Documentation, 2015
Hosted by Cisco
Facilitated by Laia Ros

This book represents a joint intense collaborative effort between Cisco’s Engineering, Technical Support, Advanced Services, and Sales employees, done during five days at Cisco’s headquarters in San Jose, CA. The book provides technical documentation for Cisco’s newly developed ACI technology. By leveraging the input of many experts, the complete book was written in during a single work week, but that week involved hundreds of authoring man hours from experienced professionals and resulted in extremely high quality documentation in a very short production time period.

F5 Operations Guide
Corporate Documentation, 2015
Hosted by F5
Facilitated by Laia Ros

A group of F5 engineers from different areas pooled their expertise to create an Operations Guide for two Big-IP modules, basically a guard dog of the Internet. During very intensive five days of work, the group produced collaboratively 25k words of highly precise technical language and 22 pretty illustrations. This new resource aims to make the customer experience easier and better.

One Hope
Parish Resource, 2014
Hosted by Liturgical Press and Augsburg Fortress
Facilitated by Adam Hyde

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a gifted team of church leaders—six Lutherans and six Roman Catholics–came together for a five-day Book Sprint and created One Hope. This parish resource encourages congregations and other faith groups to explore experiences and activities that Catholics and Lutherans share and that connect to the living of their faith in embodied ways: breathing, eating, singing, forgiving, serving, and dying. This Book Sprint was hosted by Liturgical Press and Augsburg Fortress, and led by Book Sprint founder Adam Hyde. The book was co-published by Liturgical Press and Augsburg Fortress in the spring of 2015.

Fiction, 2014
Hosted by Heinrich Böll Foundation
Facilitated by Barbara Rühling

We finished the first fiction Book Sprint in Abuja, Nigeria in November 2014 and one day after the Book Sprint two thousand copies were printed. The book is also made available online for free. Starting from the working title “The Future We Want,” eight writers set out to create characters and stories of present-day Nigerians with glimpses of alternative futures ahead. The stories center around a fictional marketplace in a town that contains all of Nigeria in a nutshell.

British Columbia in a Global Context
Text Book, 2014
Hosted by BC Campus (Canada)
Facilitated by Barbara Rühling, Faith Bosworth

The main scope of the book is to apply the fundamental geographical approach of understanding our globally changing world by looking at the local processes. These local processes and events are intrinsically linked to the same processes and events elsewhere, for example mining and its affects are a global issue and we can see how these unfold in BC. A further example is the recent apologies to First Nation peoples on the residential school treatment, as similar events occur in the US, Ireland and Australia.

Processes of urbanization, a phenomenon which people all over the globe are experiencing, can be seen in Vancouver with our discussion of the city’s development to now being rated the second most expensive city in the world to purchase a home. Geography students, indeed all first year students, need to know and be able to critically assess their own contexts and environments in order to properly engage with our continually globalizing world.

OpenStack Operations Guide
Technical Manual, 2014
Hosted by OpenStack Foundation
Facilitated by Adam Hyde

This book is for those of you starting to run OpenStack clouds as well as those of you who were handed an operational one and want to keep it running well. Perhaps you’re on a DevOps team, perhaps you are a system administrator starting to dabble in the cloud, or maybe you want to get on the OpenStack cloud team at your company. This book is for all of you. This guide assumes that you are familiar with a Linux distribution that supports OpenStack, SQL databases, and virtualization. You must be comfortable administering and configuring multiple Linux machines for networking. You must install and maintain an SQL database and occasionally run queries against it.

How to Understand Mining Contracts
Industry Guide, 2014
Hosted by OpenOil, World Bank, Revenue Watch, ISLP, Vale Columbia Center
Facilitated by Adam Hyde, Barbara Rühling

Drawing from several of the contracts on, “Mining Contracts: How to Read and Understand Them” is a new book created to highlight strong contract clauses and explore how others could be improved. It goes beyond legal considerations to explore the policy questions and company interests underlying contract provisions—issues that are crucial for understanding and negotiating contracts, and for monitoring their enforcement.

Sector Guide, 2014
Hosted by Labcraft, Hivos
Facilitated by Adam Hyde

The struggle to solve local and global issues often appears to pitch large corporations and governments against activists, artists, workers and ordinary citizens. But what happens when these entities consciously join forces and share resources to create social change? It’s happening more than you might think—in a growing phenomenon known as innovation labs. And Labcraft offers an intimate picture of this new and evolving landscape—where seemingly disparate stakeholders network and align as learning communities who collaborate for positive change. Innovation labs do what we expect laboratories to do—invent and experiment. But their “test tubes” are real-world challenges. And as they explore new connections, new ideas, and new initiatives, they often generate new perspectives and promising solutions.

Burundi Government Mining Policy
Government Policy, 2014
Hosted by GIZ
Facilitated by Barbara Rühling, Laia Ros

In most Book Sprints, a group of already established experts in a certain field comes together drawing from their knowledge and experience, whereas in this case representatives of several government agencies and ministries came together that are just gaining insights and experiences into new economic opportunities and the environmental and social issues that come with it. Burundi does not have industrial mining so far, and so the policy focuses mostly on artisanal mining, while creating a vision for future development as well as safeguarding against the often hazardous effects of mining. The GIZ, partner to the Burundian ministry of mining, organized a workshop prior to the Book Sprint to familiarize the government representatives with the most important subjects, headed by Moussa Sylla from the Senegalese consultancy Géo-Mines and facilitated by a team from STRATEGIES, Cameroon.

Contributing to OpenMRS
Technical Manual, 2013
Hosted by Google
Facilitated by Adam Hyde

OpenMRS is the worlds largest Open Source medical research system. Originally developed for a single health provider in Kenya, OpenMRS is now used worldwide. The OpenMRS is a book aimed at developers who wish to contribute to the OpenMRS platform. The book was developed in a 3 day Book Sprint in Silicon Valley and sponsored by the Google Open Source Project Office.

Collective Awareness Platforms
Research Document, 2014
Hosted by the European Commission
Facilitated by Barbara Rühling

This book is the result of a three-day Book Sprint, a collaborative writing session, and is intended as an introduction to Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS). The acronym is a working definition referring to an interdisciplinary research and action programme for social innovation. This programme aims at tackling societal challenges through innovative and empowering online platforms. The rationale of the book is to provide an entry point both to the ongoing EC funded CAPS projects and to the main nodes of a CAPS initiative.

Open Contracting
Guide Book, 2013
Hosted by The World Bank
Facilitated by Adam Hyde

The World Bank Institute hosted a Book Sprint that brought together 17 experts from around the world to co-create an open contracting guide for practitioners by practitioners. The process allowed experts and practitioners from countries ranging from Brazil to Afghanistan to come together and produce a guide for all of those seeking to advance open contracting. The book, which features the collective inputs from a diverse set of experts, highlights the benefits of enhanced disclosure and participation around contracting processes. It also aims to guide and inspire others in their own open contracting activities, and to support the emerging global community of practitioners around open contracting.